CWC Funds Forest Service Bathroom Maintenance

In May, The Central Wasatch Commission approved $13,080 in funding to assist the U.S. Forest Service and Salt Lake City Public Utilities to maintain public restrooms in the Central Wasatch to protect public and environmental health. With more people working from home, not being able to work, and trying to stay out of crowded public places, many have headed to the hills for exercise and a mental respite. 

Public bathroom at the White Pine Trailhead in Little Cottonwood covered in snow.

As users continue to flock to the trails, crags, and roads, there is increased demand for clean bathroom facilities. It is critical that people enjoying the splendor of the Central Wasatch go to the bathroom in public restrooms or pack it out as opposed to going to the bathroom in the woods. Using maintained facilities or packing it out are the only ways to keep the watershed and environment as a whole healthy. Outdoor recreation along with increased usage takes a toll on the watersheds in which we recreate and one of the best ways we can help is to go to the bathroom responsibly.

$13,080 in funding from the Central Wasatch Commission will allow the U.S. Forest Service to keep up with the high demand for public restrooms. Specifically, this funding will help maintain the restrooms at the Mill B and Donut Falls trailheads in Big Cottonwood Canyon and the Temple Quarry trailhead in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Because of the COVID19 pandemic, the Forest Service had limited funds to keep up with the increased demand for clean public restrooms at trailheads. The Central Wasatch Commission recognized this issue and stepped in with funds in hopes of preserving the health of the precious water sources of the Central Wasatch. This partnership also stewards recreational access to safe and clean environments where people can responsibly recreate in the Central Wasatch throughout the pandemic.


Written by Quinn Graves

Edited by Lindsey Nielsen

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