Mountain Transportation

Mountain Transportation

The Central Wasatch Commission is coordinating among jurisdictions and engaging the public to seek consensus for a proposed mountain transportation system in the Central Wasatch Mountains region.
Short-Term Projects

Short-Term Projects

The Central Wasatch Commission funds short-term projects throughout the study area. The projects focus on trail restoration, graffiti removal, and environmental and recreational stewardship.
Environmental Dashboard

Environmental Dashboard

The Environmental Dashboard is a tool for the public, land managers, policy makers, and technical users to learn about air quality and climate, water, vegetation communities, wildlife, and geology and soil in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

Get Involved

Public Meetings
The CWC meets publicly at Cottonwood Heights City Hall the first Monday of each month.
The CWC seeks volunteers with a wide array of skill sets and knowledge bases.
Stakeholders Council
The Stakeholders Council is an advisory group to the Central Wasatch Commission.
Public Comments
The CWC accepts comments from the public pertaining to our scope of work.

Building On Mountain Accord

Mountain Accord was an unprecedented agreement to build a lasting plan to preserve the Central Wasatch. The Central Wasatch Commission is continuing to realize the collaborative vision contained in the Mountain Accord charter.

Central Wasatch Commission Member Jurisdictions