Central Wasatch Commission Executive Director Ralph Becker is Retiring, Effective June 30th, 2022

After three and a half years with the Central Wasatch Commission, Executive Director Ralph Becker will retire, effective June 2022. The Commission announced Ralph’s retirement following its December 6th meeting of the Board of Commissioners. During his tenure as Mayor of Salt Lake City, Ralph Becker was instrumental in the Mountain Accord process, culminating in 2015 with an Agreement by all major governmental and private interests in the Central Mountains. One byproduct of Mountain Accord was the formation of the Central Wasatch Commission, which Ralph was hired as its first staff person in 2018.


“The Central Wasatch Mountains are the heart of our Salt Lake and Park City region, where I and so many people enjoy respite and recreation and serve as a primary watershed and an economic catalyst. It has been a great honor to pursue protection of this mountain range and seek solutions to pressing issues with the Central Wasatch Commission. The CWC is in a good position to continue its central role for recreational stewardship, environmental protection, economic sustainability, and common-sense transportation solutions for our beloved mountains.” Becker said.


As Executive Director, Mr. Becker oversaw the organization and its projects, which include the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area Act, the Mountain Transportation System initiative, the Environmental Dashboard, the Visitor Use Study, and numerous small-scale projects.


Chair of the Central Wasatch Commission, Christopher F. Robinson said, “Ralph has been an indomitable force as Executive Director of the Central Wasatch Commission, and on behalf of the Central Wasatch Commission Board I thank him for his service and work. He will be missed.”

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