Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS Scoping Period Now Open

March 2019

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) recently revised the study approach of the Little Cottonwood Canyon Environmental Impact Statement (LCC EIS) to focus on the immediate needs of avalanche mitigation, trailhead parking, and Wasatch Boulevard.

Together, the CWC and UDOT will examine solutions for additional needs in both Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons through the Cottonwood Canyons Transportation Action Plan (TAP), which will happen concurrently with the LCC EIS. Click this link for more information on the LCC EIS project website.

UDOT and the CWC invite you to participate in this process. The comment period for the EIS is now open, and runs through May 3rd. You can leave feedback on the EIS by clicking the button below, or by sending a letter to: LCC EIS Project Team, C/O HDR, 2825 E. Cottonwood Parkway, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84121-7077.

We also invite you to mark your calendars for a public open house, happening Tuesday, April 9th, 4 — 8 p.m. at Cottonwood Heights City Hall (2277 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121). At the open house, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the Cottonwood Canyons TAP, including past efforts that inform the process, and the role of UDOT and CWC with the Cottonwoods TAP. You’ll also be able to leave comments for the study team. Join us!


Comment on the LCC EIS here.

See the open house details here.


Helpful documents:

Read the draft LCC EIS Purpose of Need

Read the draft LCC EIS Alternatives-Development and Screening Methodology Report

5 thoughts on “Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS Scoping Period Now Open”

  1. Joshua G Korpi says:

    The time for talk is done, for gods sake please lets see some action already!

  2. Forrest Gladding says:

    I have lived in Cottonwood heights for 25 years. The past 5 years have been a bit of a shock with traffic. Also it is disappointing that it was easier for me 20 years ago to take a bus to a ski resort from the neighborhood than it is today. Also so many snow days this year I have seen 2wd cars on the side of the road during 4×4 only. Why not enforce this more or make infractions have a higher consequence like a 500 dollar fine or something? I am in favor or a reliable public transportation up the canyons. Another reason no one takes the bus cause it sucks to take the bus currently. How about a light rail up the canyon? How about carpool only on weekends and powder days? SOmething has to give!!

  3. Kyle gish says:

    A bus transit system inside the canyon has the advantage of little up front investment. You do not need to build any new infrastructure, just run more buses. Parking is an issue that is far easier solved down in the valley than at the top of the narrow canyons. Buses could be free, funded by private vehicle tolls, or could be inexpensive. There are models of this kind of transit in Zion canyon and at maroon bells near Aspen.

  4. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for your comment. To leave an official comment for the Little Cottonwood Canyon EIS study team to consider, please follow this link:

  5. SANDRA REUS says:

    Yes it IS DEFINITELY the time to find a solution to the traffic, the car emissions and the parking up and down Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons.
    1) SMALL LODGE w restroom and
    lockers for parents to dress their children before going up the canyons by free -fare bus.
    2) NO CARS UP CANYON except for a few service vehicles for hotels & lodges, families w babies up to 4yrs.
    3) FREQUENT AND FREE BUS SERVICE /buses that go up every 15 min

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