The Central Wasatch Commission Situational Assessment 

Following the November 2021 Retreat of the Board of Commissioners, the Central Wasatch Commission contracted with the Common Ground Institute for an independent assessment of the organization in order to achieve the following:


  1. Redefine and recertify Mountain Accord
  2. Recommit to Mountain Accord
  3. Review the current structure of the Central Wasatch Commission Board
  4. Review the current management structure of the Central Wasatch Commission.


The overall objective of the assessment has been to review and redefine the Mountain Accord Charter, which was signed six years ago, in 2015. Through one-on-one interviews with Commissioners, Stakeholders, and a survey released to the public, Common Ground Institute implemented edits to the original Mountain Accord Charter, resulting in the draft Central Wasatch Compact.


The Central Wasatch Commission Board met on Monday, March 7th to deliberate over the outcomes of the situational assessment, performed by Common Ground Institute. Through that discussion, the Board of Commissioners determined that the Central Wasatch Commission would further solicit public comment on the draft Restatement and Recommitment of the Values and Principles of the Mountain Accord document now through Tuesday, March 22nd at 5:00 p.m.


You may provide comment the following ways: by emailing your comment to, by submitting a comment via comment form below, or by mailing a written comment.


Postmark your written comments no later than March 22, 2022 to:

Central Wasatch Commission

41 N. Rio Grande Street

Suite 102

Salt Lake City, UT 84101


There are two documents for your review, and comment. They are below:


The draft Restatement and Recommitment of the Values and Principles of the Mountain Accord document

The Comparison of Restatement and Recommitment of Values, Mtn Restatement, February 11 sent to Commissioners & Restatement and Recommitment of Values, Mtn Acd March 2, 2022