Wag Bag Kiosk at Jacob’s Ladder Trailhead

Who’s involved? 

Save Our Canyons, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, and The Gear Room SLC, the Central Wasatch Commission


How much funding is the CWC providing? 



What will this look like?

This project will support the ongoing maintenance of the Lone Peak Wilderness Wag Bag Kiosk, sponsored by Save Our Canyons, the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, and the Gear Room SLC. The funding provided by the CWC will enable Save Our Canyons staff to continue the replenishment of wag bags at the Jacob’s Ladder trailhead, helping hikers to pack out human waste rather than leaving it in wilderness and watershed areas. Without the funding provided by the CWC, the kiosk would not have been replenished through the 2020 summer season.

Photo of the Lone Peak Wag Bag Kiosk at the Jacob’s Ladder Trailhead

Why does this matter to the Central Wasatch?

Human waste is harmful to water quality, wildlife, and degrades the pristine wilderness characteristics that visitors experience in the Lone Peak Wilderness Area. The Central Wasatch Commission is focused on responsible recreation in the Central Wasatch Mountains, which is the main goal of the Wag Bag Kiosk. You can read more about proper human waste disposal, and why it is crucial, in the Central Wasatch here


How does this connect to the mission of the Mountain Accord?

Two primary objectives outlined in the Mountain Accord are to protect the environment and natural resources of the Central Wasatch while ensuring high-quality recreational experiences. This project demonstrates a commitment to these primary pillars of the Accord. With growing visitation each year, it is important to educate recreationists of the importance of packing out human waste from wilderness and watershed areas. 


Written by Carly Lanshe

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