Transit to Trails Shuttle Canceled for Remainder of October 2021

Photo of Mountain Biker unloading a bike from the Transit to Trails shuttle this summer.

As a part of the 2021 Short Term Projects initiative, the Commission built upon our existing partnership with Utah Open Lands to partially fund the Transit to Trails free weekend shuttle service to trails in the Wasatch Back near Bonanza Flats. This shuttle service is provided by Park City Municipal Corporation, Utah Open Lands, Utah Mountain Shuttle, and the CWC to reduce traffic congestion and allow people to access some of the most popular trails in the Wasatch Back. 


Transit to Trails was extended to run through the end of October but has now been canceled for the remainder of the month due to early snowstorms. We hope that many folks were able to use the shuttle system while it was running this year! If you utilized Transit to Trails, please fill out this survey so Utah Open Lands can provide even better service next year! To read more about the Transit to Trails program, read this.

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