The Central Wasatch Commission Releases an Interactive Transit Map for the CWC’s Study Area

The Central Wasatch Commission established the Central Wasatch Transit Map for the Central Wasatch region. With this map, the CWC aims to consolidate the available transit options within the CWC’s study area that are available to the public in one place – the CWC’s website. The Central Wasatch Transit Map will help facilitate trip- planning for Utah residents and visitors by providing the overall picture of what transit is available. The map also illustrates where there are gaps in transit service, highlighting where there is need for further transit investment. The Central Wasatch Transit Map utilizes transit route data from Utah Transit Authority (UTA), High Valley Transit (Summit County), and Park City Transit (Park City), all of which are members of the Central Wasatch Commission. The CWC’s study area covers Summit County and Park City, Salt Lake City, Millcreek, Cottonwood Heights, Sandy City, the Town of Brighton and the Town of Alta, with specific focus on Parley’s Canyon, Millcreek Canyon, and Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Transit options displayed on the Central Wasatch Transit Map span across these jurisdictions and canyons.

“A major function of the Central Wasatch Commission is to centralize the varied interests and efforts happening across the Central Wasatch region. The Central Wasatch Transit Map furthers that objective by amassing the available transit options across the study area into one place.” Central Wasatch Commission Chair and Mayor of Millcreek, Jeff Silvestrini, said. “Addressing mountain transportation and transit remains a core goal for the CWC, and it is our hope that this transit map will encourage transit use as locals and visitors travel to the mountains by making trip-planning easier.”

The Central Wasatch Transit Map is a dynamic and interactive tool that will continue to be updated as new transit data within the study area become available. CWC staff are working to incorporate ski and trail shuttle GIS data and the CWC’s Ski Bus Priority Access program details into the Central Wasatch Transit Map.

To access the interactive transit map, visit

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