The Central Wasatch Commission Issues Statement on Tree Farm LLC’s Proposed Open Air Mine in Parleys Canyon

The Central Wasatch Commission (CWC) is an interlocal government entity whose Board includes the mayors of several municipalities and leaders of governmental service providers in and adjacent to the Central Wasatch. The CWC also includes a 35-member advisory Stakeholders Council representing economic, environmental, recreation, transportation, and community interests. Core values and tenants of the CWC include preserving and protecting the critical resources of the Central Wasatch.

Tree Farm LLC’s proposed open air mining site lies within the geographic boundaries and area of great interest for the CWC. The member jurisdictions of the CWC are concerned about the negative impacts on the air quality, watershed, visitor experience, visual quality, flora and fauna of an open air mine in Parleys Canyon. The fugitive dust emissions from proposed mining uses in Parleys Canyon have the potential to contaminate the Salt Lake City regional watershed and neighboring reservoirs posing a considerable threat to the health, safety, and general welfare of Salt Lake Valley residents and water users. The added demand for water usage at the mine will put a greater strain on the water system and deliver it to water customers. Additional mining emissions will have a negative impact on the regional air quality by adding harmful particulates to the airshed.  Massive landscapes and ecosystems can potentially be harmed, impacting the native wildlife. The overall potential negative impacts from this project would lead to deterioration of a prominent gateway into the Salt Lake Valley and on the quality of life to the region.

The CWC opposes such a large-scale open air mine and supports future policy that will minimize or eliminate future mining activities in the Central Wasatch that have a negative impact on the quality of life. A policy direction the CWC recommends to Salt Lake County is to remove mining in the FCOZ through the proposed amendment. This policy adjustment is a step in the right direction to protect the Central Wasatch Mountains.



Commissioner Chris Robinson, Chair                                                                                       Commissioner Erin Mendenhall, Co-Chair

Summit County Councilmember                                                                                               Salt Lake City Mayor


Commissioner Mike Weichers                                                                                                    Commissioner Monica Zoltanski

Cottonwood Heights Mayor                                                                                                        Sandy City Mayor


Commissioner Jeff Silvestrini                                                                                                      Commissioner Max Doilney

Millcreek Mayor                                                                                                                               Park City Councilmember


Commissioner Roger Bourke                                                                                                      Commissioner Dan Knopp

Town of Alta Mayor                                                                                                                       Town of Brighton Mayor


Access the pdf version of this statement here

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