Clean Air Solutions Fair 2020

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The Clean Air Solutions Fair is a community event in downtown Salt Lake City that engages attendees in learning about ways to help clean Utah’s air while having a great time. The Fair is an opportunity for every group, organization, and individual to come together and share their solutions for clean air. Each vendor/exhibitor booth will have some hand in helping keep our city’s air clean, preventing air pollution, mitigating the already existing problem, or some other vested interest in Salt Lake City’s clean air crisis.

Each exhibitor will offer an educational experience to share with attendees. There will be workshops, opportunities to extend climate activism, drawings for clean air items (i.e electric snowblower, solar oven, etc.) and ultimately, connections that aim to inspire city dweller’s to make a better effort in cleaning up our air thought education, activism, and lifestyle changes. Educational opportunities range from projects for small children, up to workshops for adults. This event aims to have something that will please everybody because clean air is important no matter who you are.

Folks are encouraged to take public transportation to the fair!